Summer NAMM 2004 - Cool People At The Show, Page 5

Sterling Ball of Ernie Ball is literally the man.   Year after year at the NAMM Shows, he's been there, working the floor, talking to people, and making that connection with his dealers.

Of course we love Ernie Ball strings, but we are really impressed with Mr. Ball's work ethic and great personality.  Viva Ernie Ball!

Shred Alert!  Shred Alert!

This dude is Michael Fath, and he may be the quintessential 80's shredder.   We met him back in 1987 in Chicago at the NAMM show, and here he is, now working for GHS Strings.

This guy can really play, and he seemed a little surprised that someone actually recognized him in the decidedly non-shred 21st century.  A nice guy, click here to see his website.

Mr. Bill Carson, guitar legend.

If you are a Fender person, this man needs no introduction.  A true gentleman, Mr. Carson is a very kind man, and has a humility and class that belies his status as a true guitar legend.

Thanks again, Mr. Carson, and we hope to see you again soon.

GuitarAttack's Matthew with Mr. Bill Carson.  We're not sure, but we think the subject of the Mattocaster came up!

Mr. Hartley Peavey and John at the Peavey VIP party.  Mr. Peavey was very gracious and appeared to be having a really great time.  He was extremely curious about John's killer shirt (available through our store) and our opinion of the new guitar line.

It was also rumored that he was asking around the bar trying to find anyone who knew how to set up a PA system.

Yes...John with Skunk Baxter and Johnny Hiland.  We're not sure who the guy is on the far left, but he looks happy.

Johnny remembered our disruptive photos from the night before, and Skunk was asking about the T-shirt.  They were both curious as to who we were.  We told them not to worry about that and to just pose for the picture!

Quick -- who is this guy?

No, it's not Michael Angelo, Buck Dharma, Trey Anastasio, or a Gibson sales rep.

It is veteran rocker Peter Frampton hanging out at the Gibson booth.  


Here is Matthew with a fine-looking fellow who was supposedly from Tupelo by way of Memphis.

He kept saying, "Thank you, thank you very much...."

You never know who you are going to run into on the floor!

Thanks for checking in....WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR NASHVILLE...NOT!


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