Summer NAMM 2004 After Hours - July 23rd, 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee, Page 3

On Friday night NAMM put on a pretty good party at the Nashville Arena.  Right there where the Predators play and Nashvillians masquerade as hockey fans, the Spin Doctors came out and put on a good show.

While the crowd milled around and tried to see what they were standing in the buffet line for, the original lineup ripped through their hits and a number of new tunes. At the height of their popularity in 1994 they broke up.  Well the original lineup is back, and they really sounded great.  Eric's SG sounded killer, and their old songs sounded very current.  Good luck, fellows.

Click here to read more about the Spin Doctors.

Not only did we have a real rock band, there were some awards given for songwriting and something else.  We were not really that interested so we got some more free food and headed out the door!

Outside the arena after the Spin Doctors show.  Mr. Freeman and Mr. Huddleston with Nashville in the background.  You can see the Ryman Auditorium on the left, and Rippy's Barbecue on the right.  Just out of the photo on the extreme right is Eddie George's Bar/Restaurant.  It will probably be for rent soon since he is now signed with the Cowboys.  How is that for loyalty!


Once again, Tootsie's Orchid Lounge

We decided to slip in and hear some real country music, and we weren't disappointed.

As usual the place was packed with yuppies and country music wannabes, but the band was really kickin'.  Not only that, upstairs there was another band that were rockin' enough to probably rip through some Judas Priest tunes.   Overall, a good place to hear some music...but don't even think about getting a place to sit down.

Note the red Tele...where did that come from?

Another cool place on Broadway -- Robert's Western World

We walked in and saw the walls lined with Johnny Hiland fans.  They were trying to see whether or not Johnny really soloed in G Myxolydian.  We took this very obnoxious photo and said, "Awww...he'll never remember us!"

Not true...check Page 5!  Boy, this guy can wear a Tele out!

Gruhn Guitar, home to lots of cool guitars and Mr. George Gruhn.

We not quite sure of the significance of this photo, but it probably has something to do with us feeling a little melancholy about the vintage guitar market.

In the days before eBay and the cheesy mega-guitar shows, Gruhn's used to have a smaller store up Broadway closer to Tootsie's.  We remember a wall full of 50's Goldtop Les Pauls and other cool vintage guitars.  Most of the electrics on display on the first floor are newer, and if we wanted to see that, we'd torture ourselves and go to Guitar Center at Hundred Oaks.  Still the coolest place around, though, and times have changed.


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