The purpose of this forum is threefold. First, I want our visitors to be able to share guitar repair/guitar building ideas and techniques in a SPAM-Free environment. Second, I want to archive the great techniques from this forum and place them on the Repair Techniques page. Finally, I want to share some of my guitar repair and finishing discoveries in the forum.

Please Observe These Rules :
1. No profanity.

2. There are no dumb questions; however, please think before you ask.  We welcome "noobs" and want those lurkers to come out of the shadows!

3. Limit the scope of the questions to guitars and guitar-like instruments.

4. IMPORTANT: Treat everyone with respect, no matter how difficult that may be. No hate, politics, religion, sex, or drug discussions.

5. No commercial-business posts!  We've been getting hammered with SPAM-posts and we'll keep deleting them as soon as we find them!

We will keep the uninteresting posts under control, but I will not delete something just because I don't particularly agree with it. Please enjoy this interchange, check back often, and tell your friends.   Click on the blue box below to start!

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