Guitar ReRanch

ReRanch is owned and operated by Mr. Bill Lester, a native of the Volunteer State. We first met Bill in Dallas during the Longbow's first trip to Texas Stadium in 1999.  Bill's site is focused on getting you going on refinishing that nasty old guitar.  GuitarAttack found this site when we were completing the the first finish on our Jeff Beck Les Paul

Custom Fretted Instruments

Straight out of Sparta, Tennessee comes this great shop.  For banjo and acoustic guitar work, this shop is my first choice.  The staff at CFI got the GuitarAttack Crew started on the road of guitar repair and building. 

Gruhn Guitars

Based on pretty extensive analysis, this is the "mother of all guitar stores."  During Christmas break in 1997 I took a trip to the second floor and played John Sebastian's '59 Les Paul Standard.  During my Christmas break in 2001 I got to play John Fogerty's '61 Les Paul/SG Standard.   Awesome store...great inventory.  Take a trip to Nashville and remember -- they moved out of downtown to 8th Avenue in the Melrose Neighborhood.  Plenty of free parking!

Mr. Frank Ford (1944-2023) was a master repairer and luthier at Gryphon Guitars in San Francisco.  He posted an awesome array of guitar repair information on this site starting back in eh early days of the Internet.  This is a "must-see", particularly for acoustic guitar players and repairers and see it while you can.  We still refer to this site regularly.


Buck Dharma (a.k.a. Donald Roeser) is, in my opinion, the quintessential arena rocker.  I've seen Blue Öyster Cult several times live, and they were always great.  He was one of the influential guitarists when I was learning to play, and the opening riff of Godzilla still inspires me to crank it up.  Check out Buck's website for a trip down Metal Memory Lane.  By the way -- he is still on the road and rocking!



Martin Guitar Kit Construction

A comprehensive photo-analysis of the steps required to build a Martin guitar kit.  Great photos with great commentary, what a WWW site should be -- informative and unemotional.  Hat's off...this is a must see.

The C.F. Martin Guitar Company

Since imitation is supposedly the sincerest form of flattery, Mr. C.F. Martin IV must be gushing.  Any acoustic picker will tell you they either (A) own a Martin, or (B) want to own a Martin.  There is link to the Guitar Maker's Connection, the place to buy a guitar kit.  A thought -- buy a kit from this site and build it according to the guidance in the site above!

Vintage Guitar Information

An incredibly diverse set of information on vintage and old guitars.  I can't verify everything on this site, but it will keep you busy for a while if you decide to sift through it.

Ace Frehley's Les Pauls

This is a great tribute site to Ace Frehley's guitars.  Some incredibly rare photos can be found here, and if you were ever in the KISS Army, you have to check this out.

Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply

A great selection of tools, finishing products, and hardware.  Likely the only suitable "one stop" supplier of quality guitar parts.  You may find parts here and there that are less expensive, but you will not find a supplier that stocks this much stuff.

Legacy Straps

We ordered several black and white checkerboard pattern DSG straps from this small company, and we really like them.  Check them out for your guitar strap needs.

Rock and Roll Vintage

A cool shop in Chicago with some awesome photos of old guitars on line.  Check them out if you get to the Windy City.

Greasy Groove

These guys make some incredible parts for guitars, and their pickguards blew us away at Summer NAMM 2008.  Check this place out if you want to dress-up that tired old Saga S-Style, or you want to build the ultimate custom  Cool stuff!

Saga Guitar Kits

Check out the array of guitar kits available from Saga.  You can't buy the kits direct from Saga, but it is a good resource to see what is available.

Microfrets Links

-  Ever wonder about the history of your old Microfrets guitar?  Click here for some great information, to include a serial number registry.

Microfrets autopsy?  Click here for the ToneShed and an interesting photo essay from the doctor who performed it!