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We attached the neck, strung it up, stood back and said, "cool"!  What was once a second-tier Mexican Strat is now a beautiful work of art!


Here are some lessons learned from the build:

1.  Take your time with the tracing and painting.  If it starts going badly, take a break and try again later.  Once you get paint on the painted portions of the guitar it is very difficult to erase a mistake, particularly on the flat white paint.

2.  Make sure you spray the graphics with acrylic after they've had a chance to dry.  Also, make sure you test the compatibility of the paints on a piece of scrap.

3.  Watch your emotions when building.  We bought a lot of parts for this rig on eBay, and we are kind of afraid to total the cost!  We recommend collecting parts over a period of time so the sticker shock is not so pronounced.

4.  Practice the red to white fade on scrap.  Also, make sure you watch the drips from the spray can's tip.  A big blob of white on Fiesta Red is not only frustrating, but it can also be a showstopper!

5.  Never build a clone and try to pass it off as an original.  It is illegal and it gives us "guitar people" a bad name.



We hope you enjoyed this build.  Keep checking back -- we are planning to post some videos of this guitar on YouTube in the near future.

And finally, be careful what you buy on eBay!  Lots of fakes out there!

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