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Once we started working with the rear template, it became clear that some of the lines were hard to see because of the contrast of the colors.  We reprinted the lower template in black and white to make tracing the design much easier.

Here is a shot of the body with the carbon paper in place.  We are tracing the lines just like we did with the pickguard.  Once were happy with the alignment we taped the templates down with drafting tape.  Drafting tape, made by 3m, looks like masking tape, but it is low tack and won't lift the paint.  You can get it at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

Safety Tip:  Take your time with the tracing.  Any missteps here will manifest themselves in the final painting!


After some careful tracing we finally got the lines transferred to the body.  When taping the templates, we left one side open so we could lift the template and look under it.  The reason?  To ensure that we had traced all of the lines.

Use a pencil for this maneuver.  A felt tip pen or marker will not provide a clean transfer.

Click on the photo to see it full size!

Getting the paintbrush and the palette back out, Michele starts the long process of painting the graphics on the guitar using the same paint she used on the pickguard.

Here is a shot of the lower bout of the body with the turquoise designs and the red "heart" painted.  We tried several different shades of red to get some contrast with the Fiesta Red.  We finally settled on one called "red"!  Had we used the original Rustoleum red this would have been difficult because it was so red.

Safety Tip:  Make sure you use a piece of notebook paper to "guard" the lines while you are painting.  The carbon paper lines will rub off if you run your arm across them.

Here is Michele completing the paint on the guitar body.  Yes, it is harder than it looks!

Using the graphics originally used as the templates as guides, she painted the graphics by hand...using a real brush and real paint.

This took much longer than we had originally calculated, but it turned out really great.


Here is the body with its graphics.  Click on the photo to see it full size.

We sprayed Krylon acrylic over the painted graphics to protect them.  We used the "satin" on the upper horn and middle to match the flat white paint, and we used gloss over the lower bout corresponding with the Fiesta Red paint.


Next up...Finish the Neck!  


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