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Bottom Line:  The Lawrence-McFadden's nitro lacquer buffed out beautifully, and we are incredibly happy with the way the FM looks wearing its new sunburst nitro finish.  Not much to say about these photos -- they really speak for themselves.
A photo of the top after buffing.  Note how shiny and reflective the lacquer is.

The transition of the sunburst turned out great.

Here is a shot of the back after buffing.  The grain is just beautiful.  It was awful that we covered it up with that yellow finish!


Here is a shot of the guitar using the camera's flash.  Again, the burst turned out great and the grain of the wood is fantastic.

Next up -- install the hardware and string it up!

Well, we got out the screwdrivers and started to work.  We finally got it back together, and it sounds killer.  The old Bill Lawrence pickups really kick, and the finish turned out really great.  We haven't decided on whether to reinstall a pickguard because the wood grain is so pretty.

Click on the photos below to see them full-sized.  We believe this finish is very superior to the old TV Yellow.  Tell us what you think!

Keep checking back as the FM TV story continues!
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