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The clear coats went on and we buffed it out just like our other FMs.  The finial product was better than we had hoped for.  Check out the story below!

Check out the photos below, and click on them for a full size version (see them up close).

Here is a final portrait of our FM TV.  We haven't made a pickguard for it yet, and we're not sure we're going to.

The pickups are particularly cool.  Click here to read all about them in the Pickup Section.

Lesson Learned:  We believe that the tinted clearcoat we used helped to tone down the very yellow nature of the nitro from ReRanch.   Check out the other photos and judge for yourself.


tvportrait.jpg (21462 bytes)

Here is a close-up of the old school neck joint.   Folks, you can't believe the sustain this guitar has!  The joint is actually comfortable, and the protrusion really doesn't impact on the shred.


tvjointfinal.jpg (27922 bytes)

A nice shot of the headstock with its Grover tuners and vintage Les Paul trussrod cover.  We're working on a custom trussrod cover, but this one will do until it gets done.

tvhead.jpg (26301 bytes)

Here is a close-up of the grain and color.   We believe the tinted clear coat did the trick on toning the yellow down.  We aged the neck binding with some Fender Neck Amber, and the overall effect is pretty nice.

tvgrainfinal.jpg (10328 bytes)

We hope you enjoyed the story of the FM TV...but wait...there's more...See Page 4!

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