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The base coats were on -- the next step was to fill the grain.  As always, filling mahogany grain can be an intimidating experience, particularly so with this chunk of mahogany -- Grain for Days!

Check out the photos below, and click on them for a full size version (see them up close).

Using the instructions on ReRanch, we decided to substitute Famowood Walnut in the tube for the Dark Mahogany/Cherry mentioned on the site.  The walnut was pretty dark, and it is all that Lowe's had in stock!

Anyway, we found that the grain was still too open after the first application of filler.  We wound up filling, misting yellow, then filling again with the Famowood cut with a little water.

After the filler was dry, we misted the top coat again with the TV yellow.  Here is a shot of the finished product with P-90 covers and our wraparound tailpiece installed.  The pickups are just covers now -- we are planning on making some killer pickups for this Special!

We installed the bridge studs after grinding off the top flange so they wound sit flush with the top.  Don't forget the ground wire!


Here is a close-up of the grain and color.   We're not completely sure, but we think it may just be a little too yellow.

We are going to tone the yellow down with some amber-tinted lacquer prior to going to clear.  Also, the contrast between the neck binding and the neck is pretty intense.  A good aging of the binding might help here, too.

The next task is to get the clear coats on. Check out Page 3!

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