Summer NAMM 2008 -  Nashville, Tennessee, Page 4

Peavey had a cool space, and they had an amazing amount of gear crammed into it.  It was sort of a maze with several turns and big amps and banners everywhere. 

Here are some custom guitars from their Custom Shop.  These were very cool and very well done.


Our favorite pattern -- the Army's "gravelflage" digital camo pattern.  This rig is the JR Special Signature Model from Peavey.

JR is Josh Rand.  He plays guitar for Stone Sour, a three time Grammy Award-nominated American n metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. The band was founded by Corey Taylor, vocalist of Slipknot.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the JR Special will benefit wounded U.S. soldiers via the Wounded Warrior Project.

A great cause and a great finish!  Click here to read more.


Peavey is making some low-watt "boutique" amps.  These sounded pretty good, but they were pretty expensive.

Can someone explain why those Dr. Z's amps cost so much?

Update:  I played through one at a gig, now I know why.  They are awesome

Ken tries to convince tourists that he is actually Travis Tritt.

A killer, real country band at Robert's Western World -- the old Sho-Bud store.  This band, BrazilBilly, played some great stuff, including a wide array of Marty Robbins tunes.  We thought they really looked like a band.

Young guys -- If you want to see what pros actually look and sound like, check these guys out.



John with guitar monster Will Ray.  He was coming out of the back of the Ryman when we got this photo.  Will is a big man who can wrangle some awesome tones out of his G&L.  Check him out with the Hellecasters.


Thanks for checking in....WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!


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