Summer NAMM 2008 -  Nashville, Tennessee, Page 2

As always, there were some really beautiful Ibanez guitars.  The Satriani guitars were some of the most killer at the show.  The top three are Satch tribute guitars, while the bottom is the latest George Benson signature.

This was our favorite guitar at the show.  This killer white Sam Totman Signature Iceman with the locking trem and cool binding really got us fired up.  We used to have a Paul Stanley Iceman back in the day, and it was one of the best playing, best sounding guitars we've ever owned.  This one is particularly cool, with a set neck and contoured heel.  BTW – Sam Totman is in a band called “Dragonforce”. 

One complaint – we’d like to see a 3+3 headstock like the originals.


The "Surfing with the Alien" 20th Anniversary guitar.  The alien was raised from the top of the guitar like a hood ornament.  Check that price...OUCH!


Here are shots of legend James Burton (Left) and Bill Lawrence (Center) and guitar picker Arlo West. 

Bill is demonstrating his new pickup to Mr. Burton, and we were standing there like idiots just gawking.  What amazed us was that Bill is a really great guitarist.


Once James stood up, I shouted him down for a photo as Bill's wife, Becky, snapped the photo.  Mr. Burton needs no introduction – Elvis "Aloha from Hawaii", anyone?  From L-R, Zakk, Ken, Mr. Burton, and John.

Note:  We are GuitarAttack are sensitive to wild claims about "knowing" and "kicking it" with  celebrities like you see on some sites.  Truthfully, we really don't know anybody, and if you see a photo of us "chilling" with a superpicker or some no-name rock goon, it was probably a chance encounter.

John getting down in the phrygian mode - Yngwie-style - on a killer Ernie Ball doubleneck.  The 12-string on the bottom was a nice touch.  Also of note is that both necks have 24 frets.  Dude!

Ken tries the doubleneck beast next.  He has always loved doublenecks.

Proof? Note the then and now photos below.  Left is 2008, and right is 1985. Stairway?  DENIED!



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