Summer NAMM 2008 -  Nashville, Tennessee, Page 3

John and superpicker Johnny Hiland discuss Johnny's new Peavey signature series amp.  Johnny told us it will be a US-built ValveKing with a half-closed/half-open cabinet.  We look forward to seeing the new rig in January 2009.

Johnny Hiland is a very nice fellow, and was very kind to us during the show.

Mighty Mite!  Need parts?  Holy cow!  I've never seen so many parts!  The MM guy told us the bodies and necks are made in the Cort factory.  They had some very nice Fender-licensed necks in the booth.  No free parts this year.  NAFTA guys take note:  The rep told me that Mighty Mite/Cort was moving its Korean factory to China.  He said the union in Korea had literally stopped production, and the owners were fed up.  Hmmm…..

Yes, Moog is at it again.  This guy has a synth guitar, and he was extremely enthralled with its ability to do "glissando" licks like an old MiniMoog. 

This was the winner of our "most uninteresting product" sweepstakes. 

Sadly, it reminded us of an old ARP Avatar!

The Motorhead Marshall.  Please stand back.

What can anyone say?  Note that this head didn't have any guts.  Not sure about those crests on the head!


Here's Chad with Arlen Roth.  For those of you not familiar with Mr. Roth, he was one of the first guitar instructors who made video lessons back in the 70's and 80's.  A prolific guitarist, he got many a picker on his way to playing.

He is still visible in guitar magazines, and has a free lessons available at the Gibson website.  Click here to see his website.

Pedalflex was the name of this company.  This is a cool product for the stompbox addict.  It allows you to adjust stompbox knobs from a knob attached to the mic stand.  It is supposed to keep the performing guitarist from having to bend down during the solo to adjust the offending knob on his stompbox.  We would prefer this to the rubber knobs on the old MXR boxes, but we're not sure how it would be in practice.  Great idea, though!

Here are the reborn St. Blues guitars which used to be the house brand of Strings 'n Things in Memphis.  They had a wide array of guitars in the booth, and they looked great.  These look like the old ones.  I'm not sure how popular they are, but the guys in the booth thought they were rock stars.


Ken and Zakk with bass monster Victor Wooten.  We saw one of his demos, and he is really a great player.


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