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There is always a great deal of anxiety when you get close to finishing a project.  This one was particularly rough because it had been "in progress" for so long.  Remember -- the natural tendency is to start rushing when you get close to finishing.  Don't let yourself get weak!
We initially wet sanded using 400 grit paper, then worked up through 600, 1000, and 2000.  The key here is to get the body as smooth and uniformly flat as possible before buffing.  You'll see the body getting reflective even though you have scratches.

We used 3M Finesse-It II and our Wal-Mart buffer.  Judge the results below.  Click on any of these photos to see a full-sized version.

Now that the guitar looks really shiny and pretty, it is time to put it all back together.  You can't believe how reflective the paint is.  It looks like we are getting the hang of it.  By the way...the Corvette is a 1981 model we acquired way back in 1991.

Click on the Page 3 link below to see shots of the completed guitar!


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