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More work on the Doubleneck...we are nearly there.

Check the progress in the photos below.  Click on them for a full size version (see them up close).

Some of the real tedium in guitar work is making sure the frets are level and properly crowned.  This is a job that you just have to do to figure out.  You have to get to the point when you know that the frets look right.

Here is a shot of the 12 string neck getting a fret job.  We did the same for the 6 string neck, and they turned out great.


Here is a shot of the body with the hardware installed.  Buffing out the poly finish was a tough one, and we found that we had to use a much more aggressive abrasive to get the finish level than we normally use with nitro lacquer.

The switches work well, and we tested the pickups with a tuning fork.  The chrome dome knobs are not installed yet.

The switches are, from the neck side to the back:   Master neck selector, master volume, 12 string neck volume, 12 string pickup selector, six string volume, and six string pickup selector.  We felt that these were plenty of switches for a guitar of this size.

Strung up and ready to go.  The necks are on and it plays great!  Remember -- there were 18 string slots to cut on the nuts!

The guitar sounds particularly good, and the 12 string is a real standout.  The first song tried on the guitar was "The Waiting is the Hardest Part" by Tom Petty, then we played the obligatory "Stairway to Heaven."

Here is a large photo of the full guitar.   This has been a great project, and we look forward to starting on the FM-shaped doubleneck that Thomas made for us!

The key here is that sometimes you just have to be challenged to try something new!  While it took us several months to complete this rig, it was well worth it.

Taken at the gala unveiling party, here is a shot of Thomas and John with the final product.  Thomas was reportedly heard muttering, "I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy..."  John was heard muttering, "I can't believe I actually finished it up."

A shot of Thomas and the doubleneck he envisioned.  Thomas is a man of action, and it was his vision that helped GuitarAttack crank out our very first doubleneck.  Thanks, Thomas, and we hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for keeping up with the doubleneck project, and keep checking back for more doubleneck news!


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