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The first order of business was to build the necks...both necks!  Maple was chosen for its resilience and appearance, and we decided that maple fingerboards would help accentuate the flag-motif bodies.   Using abalone inlays, there was nothing really too fancy here, but the clarity of the maple was important.

Check the progress in the photos below.  Click on them for a full size version (see them up close).

Sponge Bob, Square Necks!  Here are the necks with the rough shaped GuitarAttack headstocks and the rough-cut fingerboards glued on.  A Stew-Mac double-action trussrod is installed in each neck.

We now have to impart a curve on the backs of the necks.  This is the stage that separates the Warmoth paddlehead neck-buyers from the real luthier wannabes.

Using a Microplane rasp, which is killer, and a pedestal mounted belt-sander, the necks slowly took shape.

Safety Tip:  Start with the area directly under the nut and at the root of the neck.  Once they are shaped to taste you can start toward the middle of the neck.


Two necks, no waiting.  After a long day at the wood shop and plenty of sandpaper, the two necks emerged.  We pressed the frets in with our drillpress and a Stew-Mac kit, and started filing the edges.  Next up is to put the side markers on and start the finish.  We've already purchased three sets of mini-Grover Rotomatics for the necks.

Using a Stew-Mac template we routed the neck pockets into the SG-like body.  Patience here, my friends...if the router gets away from you there may be no recovery!

Thomas bought a very cool laser engraver, and we couldn't resist engraving something on the guitar.  We decided to engrave the headstocks and forego a cheesy decal.

Here are the results -- We engraved "Home of the Brave!" on the 12-string neck, and "USA" with a little flag/map motif on the 6-string neck.

The laser engraver is unbelievably versatile.  We must have one!


Here is the serial number we engraved on the back of each neck.  The serial number stands represents:

GA: GuitarAttack (that's us)
VA: Valentina Company (that's Tom)
01:  The first guitar we've built.

Let us know if you ever see this in a Pawn Shop.

The necks are finished and we just have to finish the fret dressing and buffing out the finish.


The first coats of clear went on the body, and the colors really jumped out.  All of the holes have been drilled except for the back cavity.

There is still discussion about where the knobs and switches are going to go, and exactly what knobs and switches we are going to use.  What a monster!

The next task is to get the necks complete and finish the routing for the body. 


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