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Step 4:  Apply a Finish

OK -- it plays great.  It is really cool.  Let's finish it up!

Here is a photo of the raw body with our favorite sealer, Zinnsser SealCoat.

It is shellac, and it will literally stick to about anything and every finish we've tried will stick to it...very versatile.  A problem solver!

This sealer will make sure that your finish will stick to the body and is a great wash coat for grain filler.

We used a rag and put two really thin coats of SealCoat on the guitar and let it dry overnight.

Swamp ash has deep grain and it must be filled to accomplish a "glass-like" finish on the guitar.

Here are the tools.  I have some mineral spirits, some burlap, a Gatorade bottle with water in it and the top cut off, a putty knife, and TimberMate natural filler from Woodcraft.  This is also available from StewMac.

The TimberMate is awesome, is water based, and can be used for all kinds of guitar repair tasks.

In the Gatorade bottle, we put some TimberMate in with some water and mixed it to a consistency of yogurt.

We took a glob and put it on the guitar.  Using a small plastic putty knife, we worked the filler diagonal to the grain to make sure it was all filled. 

Here is a shot of the process of working the filler into the grain....a 45 degree angle to the grain.

When it dried for a couple of minutes, we used the burlap to wipe diagonal to the grain to get the remainder of the filler off of the guitar.

The filled guitar.  There is some filler left on the guitar.  We sanded with 220 grit sand paper -- diagonal to the grain -- and let it dry overnight.

Once it was dry we put one thin coat of SealCoat on the guitar and let it dry overnight.


OK -- Let's put a finish on it.


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