Winter NAMM

Anaheim, California

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Now for some guitars.....Click on the photos for full-sized versions.


Gretsch made a big splash this year, probably because Fender bought them out.  From left to right you'll see the killer Bo Diddley axe (would someone buy one of these?), a bunch of Duo Jet solidbodies, and a couple of killer 6120s, I believe.  Beautiful finishes, and killer tones.  Get out the MasterCard...

Yo, that bo diddley beat....

Les Paul envy...

"Stray Cat Strut"

Fender always has lots of new stuff.  From left to right below we see the PRS-inspired arch-top Teles, some skateboard/goth skull n' bones Squiers, and a beautiful Shoreline Gold Squier Strat.   By the way...Fender also bought the Jackson/Charvel name....shred on!

Where's Will Ray when you need him?

I got it for rocks, dude!'s just like a real Fender, honey!

Jager!  Rock on dude...oh no...I just hurled!

This killer Triple X Peavey stack pays homage to Jagermeister (pronounced "Yeager Myster")...a German liqueur that is not, repeat not for the timid.

I wonder who is getting these royalty checks?

That would be plywood, sir....

A Stratocaster?   Sure it is...made by Johnson.  The quality is getting better, but we still prefer the finish on our Mattocaster.

Dude...where are the Bucs?

This was the Ernie Ball booth.  Is that really Warren Sapp in the foreground?

I heard that there were actually guitars at this booth...somewhere.

Bravo Sterling!

Van Halen?  Didn't he do "Brown Eyed Girl"?

The new killer top Wolfgang.

Aren't these pretty cheap on eBay right now?

Oh well...same stuff, different day.  Hey Michael Angelo...see you in Nashville this Summer!



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