Summer NAMM 2002 - Cool People At The Show, Page 4

Mr. Martin

CF Martin IV with one of the new Martin Veterans Guitars.  Mr. Martin is the great-great grandson of the original CF Martin, the German guy who started the company in Nazareth, PA.

We should have bought one of these guitars, but everything is a collector's item, right?

Not THAT Michealangelo....

Shred Alert!  Shred Alert!

This rocker is Michael Angelo, the quintessential 80's shredder.  He has been a fixture at the NAMM Show since our first in 1985.

All kidding aside, this guy can really play, and don't miss him if you get the chance to see him.

Mr. Gruhn, Guitar Legend

Mr. George Gruhn, guitar legend.

Caught in the acoustic room during a rollicking discussion about internet guitar shops, Mr. Gruhn allowed us to snap a picture.

The normally shy Gruhn is credited with starting the vintage guitar craze of the 70's and 80's.

Mr. Ball

Sterling Ball has a great company, and he immediately agreed to this photo.

We've been fans of Pink Slinky's since the early days, and Guitarattack still favors Ernie Ball strings for guitar and bass.

Bob and another great luthier.

The guy on the left is Bob Benedetto, master luthier.  He was brought into Fender to fix the Guild archtops, and he has done a great job.

This guy is an artist, and has 100% of Guitarattack's respect.

Chicken pickin', anyone?

From a race of giants comes Mr. Will Ray, chicken pickin' monster.  This guy is so good that it is just totally humbling.

Check out his work with The Hellecasters...if you dare.

Thanks for checking in....WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!


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