Summer NAMM 2002 -  Nashville, Tennessee, Page 2

The Great Speckled Bird....

Whew...another ride back to downtown Nashville after a cool lunch at the Gibson Showcase.  Great meatloaf, Henry!

Here is the historic Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry.  Lots of yankees walking around with disposable cameras and very white legs.

Remember -- if it weren't for yankees, there would be no Reptile Farms in Florida.


Once we were back inside the arena, we went directly to the Fender booth.  We were greeted by this awesome display of sparkle Teles.  They were absolutely beautiful.  Click on the photo for a full-sized version.

Highway 1 revisited....

All the...small things....

The new Highway 1 Strats are basically an American Strat with a cost effective finish.  It looks like a couple of coats of lacquer without a decent buff-out.  However, they did look good, and they are much cheaper than a regular American Standard Strat. 

Fender also debuted a number of killer Squier guitars.  Here is a trio of Tom Delonge Strats that really looked great.

The Fender booth, yet again, was very well done.  But hey -- where was the Yngwie Strat?

All hail flame maple! The "Best Finish" award goes to Terry McInturff.  These guitars were absolutely gorgeous, and Mr. McInturff was on hand to gloat over these beauties.

Check one out when you get a chance -- you don't see much better than this.

POD, anyone?

There were a number of unremarkable booths and products at the NAMM Show, but these were about the coolest guitar processors. The Digitech Genesis boxes were really awesome.

We tried to check out Line6, but they were focused on their "modeling guitars" which could be cool, and their tiny display area was a no-go.

Has anyone seen Marilyn?

The "I wish I could do that" award goes to ESP for this cool Rat Pack guitar.

Their booth was really great, and had some really well made guitars.


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