More work on the Doubleneck...we are nearly there.
How do you make sure all four pickups are aligned?  I did some design work and cut out the four cavities in a piece of MDF.  I aligned it with my laser, screwed it down, and started routing.

The cavities were aligned much closer than could've been achieved with aligning the routing template four separate times.

Once this was complete, I sprayed a nitro lacquer finish on the guitar.  Nothing new here, except there were lots of voids around the stars that had to be filled.


Using the same methodology, aligning the knobs and the selector switch was next.

I decided not to use tone knobs on this guitar -- just like a regular FM -- and only one switch was required to get signal out.  Using one of the Feeway switches from, I was able to cut down on the control footprint.  The switch was able to combine the neck selector and the pickup selector switches into one.


I made some custom maple pickup rings.  Plastic just wouldn't do on this guitar!  I finished the maple with shellac and lacquer, and the grain really popped.

Here is a shot with the pickups and bridges installed and the control holes drille.  Time to install the switches and get it ready for strings.


I didn't like the look of the ferrules in the back of the guitar, so - because we can't leave well enough alone - I cut out two maple blocks and countersunk them.  I installed the ferrules in the blocks, giving the back a little more of a custom look.  The grain on the maple is very pretty, and it makes a good contrast with the various woods in the guitar.

Here are photos of the finished guitar.  We put the 12-string on top, and used a GS neck from another guitar on the bottom.  Schaller keys on both, as well as a nitro finish and "Williams" decals.  Note - it took a long time to get this guitar playing correctly.  Nut work on a 12-string is tough, as was getting the two necks aligned to the center line of the body.

This guitar was a long time coming because of the work involved.  However, it was well worth it and we're planning on working up some Led Zep tunes for a video!



Thanks for keeping up with the doubleneck project, and keep checking back for updates!


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