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We mounted the neck to our surrogate FM body made of a slab of MDF and a piece of 3/4" plywood.  The bridge is a Saga T-style mounted on yet another piece of MDF.  The entire rig is glued together with Gorilla Glue.  See the foam?

We strung the "guitar" up with some Ernie Ball Pink Slinkys and tuned to pitch.  We let the neck set for about 30 minutes and checked the truss rod.

You just can't believe how great this little "guitar" sounds acoustically.  We are going to mount a pickup on it and see how it sounds through an amp!

Do you think it needs a finish?

Once the neck sat for 30 minutes, we mounted the entire "guitar" in the StewMac neck jig.  We adjusted the neck as straight as possible with the strings on, and we set the dial indicators to zero.  Once that was complete we started on the level and crown.

We like the surrogate body because it allows us to jig the neck without having to worry about dinging a body.  It is also useful because it allows easy access to heel-mounted trussrod bolts.

Nothing earth shattering here.  After taping the neck and adjusting the neck jig until the indicators showed "0", we leveled the frets and crowed with a newly acquired diamond crowning file.  We though the file was a little too aggressive, and we decided to go back to our three-corner fret dressing file.

We leave the tape on the fingerboard until the polishing is complete, and then use some naphtha to clean any residue from the fingerboard.  We particularly like the 3m drafting tape available from Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  It is sticky, but is not strong enough to yank wood from the fingerboard.

We completed the neck, and we're looking for a body to mount it on.  We hope you enjoyed the photos and the commentary.  More to follow on this neck!



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