We finally got it finished!

We finally got the switch replaced, leaving the other electronics in place, and it worked out great.  Remember -- these guitars are metric, and Gibson parts are Imperial.  So, we got what appears to be an Epiphone three-way switch, and installed it on the guitar.  We used the original nut and washer from the Ibanez switch and it fit perfectly.

The original switch is in the case now, and it was in pretty bad shape.  It didn't look like it had been overplayed or abused, but it looked like something had been poured into it.  Aren't house parties wonderful!

Once the switch was installed, we completed a fret polish on the guitar and just generally cleaned it up.  Safety Tip:  Don't try to play this rig sitting down.  The position of the jack on the inside of the lower wing and the absence of a rub strip make it nearly impossible.  The only alternative is to hang it on a strap, put on some old KISS, and ROCK!

Overall, this guitar plays and sounds great.  Like we said before, this guitar may have some of the best PAF-clone pickups we've ever heard.  This classic was headed for the trash bin, and we saved it.  Check out the photos! 


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