Well, it’s time to start putting on the color. I was going to paint this guitar but after looking and thinking on it I went with stain. The picture shows the first coat of stain. I had the color custom mixed. You can go to almost any paint store and have any color mixed that you want. If you have a color you want, like from a picture, fabric, or??? Just take that to the paint store and they can scan it and mix the color you want. Keep in mind it will look a shade or two off when you put it on the wood, so you may have to put more than on coat on it to get the color close to what you want. Plus stain will color up even more once you start putting on the clear.

Well, as you can see it’s shaping up pretty good!

Here she is with the first coat of Poly on it. Oh the other thing is I did use sanding sealer before I started the clear coats. I used three cans of poly on this build. The one thing I do not like about the poly is it is hard to color sand. Lacquer is easer to sand and lacquer doesn’t seem to orange peel as bad as the poly does. I put on almost a whole can before I let dry and then I wet sanded to knock it down some and put on another can of clear and did the same thing till I went through three cans of poly. Then I let it gas out for almost a month. I let it set in the sun as much as I could to help it gas out faster. Now I didn’t let it sun tan too long --  I didn’t want to overheat the body.


Getting closer to being done! Wow it’s looking good! This is it with all the color sanding and buffing done. The P90 pickups had some blue on the front of them so I flipped the covers over and painted them black.  I am glad I did because the blue just didn’t look good with the orange and yellow.

When mounting the bridge don’t forget to put in the ground wire!

The center pick up is a stacked humbucker. The knobs I used came off one of my other builds. For the colors I used for this I got from the GuitarAttack logo. I thought since I was dedicating this to the web site I thought I would use the colors as well.



OK, I wanted not to have any screws on the back cover so I used magnets to hold the cover on. I was going to use magnet tape but it was not strong enough to hold the cover in place. I then was going to use the king they use on cabs you know the kind if you push on them they spring up, but then I got to thinking if the guitar rubs on your body it could open. So I went the magnets you see now. I used TiteBond 3 to glue them on. That stuff is super strong. It does take time for it to dry but it’s on there to stay now.

I wound up using 3 volume controls and no tone. I was going to put in mini switches but I like the clean look so much I didn’t want to mess up that look. I left the fret board in the nat. maple. The back of the neck I stained with the yellow I used on the body. I used a razor blade to scrape the fret board to help smooth it out. I polished out the frets before putting on the strings.

Out of all the builds I have done thing one went pretty well. Things went smooth all the way through the build. The only thing I had that was hard on the build was the color sanding and buffing. I don’t have anyway of buffing but by hand. I’ll say this I am glad that part is over. LOL!!!

So thanks to all that gave me the input and the belief in me to pull it off!

The people and this build have touched me in many ways. If you are looking for one of the best guitar web sites there is then you have found it!

Here is a list of people that made this build possible;

John Williams…guitarattack

Chris Knowles… cknowles

John Rollins… kcjewel

John McGee… avenger63

Chris Hosner… hoz

Thank you all for the parts and know how to build this guitar. I would have never thought I could build a guitar like this a few years ago. I have learned so much form this web site and the people that are on here. Thanks so much for everything!

I would also like to thank everyone else for the input and support and encouragement to do this build.


Eddie Wellman

If you have any questions or if I can somehow help you out with your build please let me know. I am always happy to help in any way I can.

Questions from GuitarAttack -

Eddie -- Thanks for the note. I was able to open the photos, but I had a couple of questions on the build.

1. Who made the decal for you? That would be HOZ… Chris Hosner, he even made the decal for the back plate as well, that has everyone’s names on it that sent parts for the project.

2. How did you spray the sunburst? What it a spray can or spray gun? The burst was done like this. I first put it on by hand using one of my custom stains. Then I sprayed on two coats of Minwax Poly(cans) let it dry and then I used a Minwax brush on and added some of the stain to that, then let it dry and sanded it back then after that I put something like 4 can of spray Poly over that. It did take some time for it to cure all the way but it was worth the wait. The finish on this looks deep.

3. What brand of paint did you use? Minwax Clear Poly, I use two brands for the stain, I can’t remember the names but they were both custom mixed colors I got from my PMS Ink color chart. I don’t think you will ever see the colors anywhere else, unless I use them again on another build.

The guitar is really sounding better and better. With the neck lying back (like a Less Paul) really make this guitar comfortable to play not to mention how good the action is. I like having all three pickups on it really give it a cool sound. The P 90 stile pickups with that stacked single coil are just plain awesome! I am thinking of playing it at Church this Sunday to give her a run for her money> HE! HE!


PS; I also wanted to say that this build was over the top for me. I can’t tell you what it meant to me to have everyone that came on board and sent so many cool parts to do this build. It is one of the biggest blessings I have ever had in my life. I feel honored and privileged to have built this cool guitar. It just seems like the other day when I found GuitarAttack and was asking so many questions about how to rebuild that eBay Tele of mine. I never thought then I would be making guitars from scratch. It has turned out to be one of the best hobbies I have ever had. Because of the web site I have met some really cool people.  May God bless you all!


(Click on guitar for larger photo)

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