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The gold coats are on the guitar...time to finish it up.  I sprayed two cans of ReRanch clear nitro lacqer on the guitar, and I was really surprised at how hard the coats dried.  No rocket science here...I followed Mr. Lester's instructions on ReRanch 101. 


Once the clear coats were on and dried for a week, it was time to buff out the finish.  Shown here are the essential tools, from left to right.

1.  A Wen random orbit buffer from Walmart.  Quick, easy, and cheap.  Check one out. I bought this one three years ago when I was finishing the Blue FM2.

2.  3M Finesse-It II polish.  Wow...this stuff is really great.  Best I've used for buffing a finish.

3.  Two cups of fine sandpaper:  one for the new paper on the left, and one to rinse paper on the right.  I used the ReRanch schedule, but went from 600 to 1000 grit, then finished with 2000.  From there, straigt to buff.

No, this is not an artistic, Playboy-like photo of the guitar.  This is an illustration of what happens to your camera lens when you take it outside during the summer in South Alabama!

You does kind of look like one of those photos!

Buffed-out and hardware installed, the guitar looks great.  Click on any of the next three photos to see full-sized images.

Again, we hope you have enjoyed the photos, and the discussion. 

Let us know how you like our Goldtop!

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