The Trussrod Channel

Next, I had to route the channel for the trussrod.  It is important to do this now because a profiled neck is difficult to clamp, and it is much easier to find "center" with a blank.  I secured the neck blank in my Black and Decker Workmate bench, and clamped 2x4s on the sides to act as guides for my router.
Using the StewMac trussrod router bit, I checked alignment.  This made routing easy -- turn it on and slide the router between the boards.  There is always apprehension here -- take your time.
Success!  The StewMac HotRod trussrod fits perfectly in the channel.  The HotRod is designed to be removed without removing the fingerboard.  Let's hope that never happens!
The neck blank is ready for the bandsaw and shaping.  Remember -- don't try to route the blank after you've started shaping!