Top Relief

Since the original FM, I've graduated the tops on the guitars.  This allows the fingerboard to set level on the top of the guitar without the need for a spacer.  Here is a simple jig I used to cut the proper neck angle into the top of the body.  Three pieces of scrap walnut (from the original Woody FM) and some scrap poplar.  This works great with a Dremel tool with a router bit.  You don't have to route the center portion because this is where the neck mortise goes.
The relief is roughed out with a Dremel tool.   I cleaned up the center freehand, knowing that is where the mortise will go anyway.

I drew a line with pencil to show the part of the top that must be graduated to make a smooth flow from the top horn of the body to the fingerboard.

Not a great photo, but this shows the area lined with a pencil above after working with some Microplane rasps.  These rasps are truly 21st century tools.  Available from, you owe it to yourself to try them.