The Neck Joint -- Shaping the Tenon

Once the mortise is complete, it is time to shape the tenon to fit.  First, I ensured that the plywood template fit the mortise.   Once the fit was adjusted, I carpet-taped the template on top of the neck.

Using rasps and the drillpress, the tenon took shape.  The neck joint (sides that meet the body) were shaped with rasps and files.  I also used various grades of sandpaper to ensure the neck joint was tight.

Try, sand.  Try, sand.  Try, sand.   Fitting the neck joint can be painful, but this is one of the key ingredients of making a great guitar.

This step cannot be rushed, and has to be approached with a great deal of patience.  I recommend checking out the Bill Cumpiano book to get some insight into fitting a neck joint.

Warning -- this step requires total concentration!