The Neck Joint -- Shaping the Mortise

How deep is the mortise?  How wide is it? I've been using a 30mm Forstner bit to shape the mortise on the body.   Remember -- this is going to be a glue-in neck so the mortise is very important for a proper neck fit.

Using a piece of scrap mahogany (from the body cutout), I tested the bits and set the depth on my drillpress.   Remember -- practice on scrap.

This maneuver takes a centerline -- as earlier stated, the centerline is critical here.  The centerline will determine where the 30mm holes are drilled.

Starting at the back and working forward, I drilled the first hole.  Like a Gibson, the bottom of the mortise is level from back to front.  I drilled hole after hole, all to the same depth.  The result is a good-looking mortise, the needed little more than some clean-up with sandpaper and a small Microplane rasp.
Another view of the mortise.  Make sure it is straight along the sides!

You can see the "bevel" or "relief" on the right side of the mortise.