Drilling the Holes

Now that the neck is glued firmly in place, the next thing to do is install the bridge.  In this case, it is a Les Paul Junior-style wraparound bridge.  I used a piece of scrap to check the spacing of the studs that would be anchored in the body.
I aligned the bridge on the body using fishing line to represent the "E strings" on either side of the neck.  Once aligned, I said a quick prayer and drilled the holes for the bridge.

Once the bridge anchors were drilled, I used this Plexiglas template to mark the positions of the two volume knobs, the selector switch, and the rear humbucker cavity.

First was the humbucker cavity, then the other holes were drilled.  Here is a shot of the guitar ready for some hardware!

Don't forget to drill the hole for the ground to the bridge.