Final Shaping of the Neck

It looks like a neck -- as stated earlier, the critical bits are the shaping of the heel and the nut area.

Here is the neck, with the centerline marked, ready for the final shaping.   The fingerboard is attached to add some extra "guidance".

Once the nut area was shaped per the templates, I took the opportunity to drill the holes for the tuners.  Here is a shot of the tuner holes and the nut area; the area here is critical because ensuring that the headstock flows into the neck.

There is some artistry here that must be developed.  Building is an art, and you have to develop the ability to ensure that it looks "right".

Here is the neck heel.  This one is generally the size of a Les Paul Classic's heel.

Using the rasp above the neck, I continued to "hog" material off of the neck and started the final shaping.